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4D Hifu Machine Face Lift anti-wrinkle, get rid of double chin. Stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity. Anti-aging shrinks pores. In addition to the therapeutic effect, it also has a perfect after-sales guarantee service.

4d Hifu Face Lift Machine Best

4D multi-row is a more authoritative and high-end anti-aging system after the single-line ultrasonic scalpel. It replaces the various effects of traditional facial anti-aging and anti-wrinkle surgery-including face-lifting, double chin removal, lifting and firming, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, etc. Completely solve the problem of aging and sagging of various parts of the face and body, contour reconstruction restores visual youth! The effect is more durable than the previous single-line technique.

(4D multi-row + gold radio frequency microcrystal) HIFU machine is a technology that uses fixed-point multi-row ultrasonic waves + segmented lattice radio frequency microcrystal technology. It combines 4D multi-row and gold radio frequency microcrystals, which has a better effect on skin aging. It can effectively tighten and improve the skin. At the same time, gold radio frequency can also effectively improve the skin condition, restore young and healthy skin, and truly realize the trinity three-dimensional anti-aging . The clinical effect has been unanimously recognized by medical aesthetic experts and institutions.

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4D multi-row is based on the most advanced principle of high-energy focused ultrasound, the subcutaneous temperature can reach 65°C-70°C, and the deep tissue can be heated in a way that will not damage the skin surface. Depending on the different parts of the diagnosis and treatment, different depths are used ( 1.5 epidermis layer, 3.0 collagen layer, 4.5mm fascia layer) treatment probe, the ultrasonic energy is precisely focused on the subcutaneous (4.5mm) fascia layer, and tens of thousands of coagulation points are generated, so as to generate around the coagulation point The pulling force is used to grow and pull the muscles in the fascia layer to achieve the best effect of shaping, lifting and firming; the 3.0mm acts on the subcutaneous collagen layer to stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen. Inner firming and lifting of the skin, restoring elasticity; one treatment can effectively enhance the apple muscle, tighten the contour, remove wrinkles and tighten the skin. The whole face is comprehensively lifted to achieve lifting and tightening of the overall contour. There are also probes of different depths for the treatment of body fat and chest, targeting body fat layers, tightening skin and dissolving fat. This technology is non-invasive, no bleeding, no surgery, no trauma, and high safety.

4d Hifu Face Lift Machine Business

1. Two modes available: the fast and the slow mode;
2. 1-12 lines of 4D Hifu creates a treatment width up to 11mm;
3. Convenient operation without any consumables;
4. Non-invasive and no damage to the skin;
5. Instant and visible effect;
6. Long term effect of 18-24 months after one treatment;
7. Shorter intervals of energy emissions

4D Hifu Face Lift Machine Business

Gold radio frequency microcrystal is the most advanced beauty technology in the world at present. It is a high-tech instrument integrating dot matrix, radio frequency and microcrystal. In addition to facial rejuvenation, gold radio frequency microcrystal can improve skin problems such as enlarged pores and acne pits, and can also treat Stretch marks and underarm odor. As the name suggests, gold radio-frequency microcrystals use the ingenious combination of microcrystals and radio frequency. The word “gold” comes from gold-coated microcrystals, and the outer coating of microcrystals is also golden yellow. During treatment, the doctor adjusts the microcrystal penetration depth and radio frequency energy according to the problem and treatment site, and then under the control of the electronic system, multiple insulating microcrystals penetrate the epidermis at the same time, emit radiofrequency energy from the microcrystal tip, and then quickly Exit, and repeat this cycle until the treatment is completed, and finally apply cosmetic ingredients.

1. The high-frequency crystal head is formed by the physical property of the crystal head depth, forming a heating and solidification field.
2. The target depth and required energy of the gold radio frequency microcrystal can be precisely adjusted.
3. The laser has a scattering effect, and it is difficult to reach the target depth (target 2mm), and the energy absorbed by the tissue in the skin cannot be accurately predicted, and side effects such as hormone disorders often occur.
4. Through the skin heating effect, and the rest time is longer, and it is difficult to sedate.
5. One course of care for fractional laser must be completed (3~5 times), while for laser RF-Needle, care may be required (1~3 times) according to the situation.

4d Hifu Face Lift Machine Do They Work

Gold RF microcrystals combine the four major technologies of insulating microcrystals, high-temperature radio frequency, vacuum adsorption, and transdermal drug delivery. Vacuum adsorption technology is used to achieve safer treatment, and the insulating microcrystal head can be freely set to penetrate into target tissues of different depths in the skin (0.5 -2.0mm-3.5mm), without damaging the epidermis, the high-temperature radio frequency energy is directly sent to the deep layer of the dermis through the microcrystalline head to penetrate the epidermis, instantly and efficiently activate skin collagen and fibers, promote collagen fiber regeneration and rapid reorganization, and comprehensively Repairs damaged skin cells, effectively destroys sebaceous gland secretion, inhibits inflammation and eliminates acne bacteria – thereby reducing oil secretion, significantly improving enlarged pores, and effectively treating inflammatory acne, etc.; for rough and loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne marks, acne pits, Different symptoms such as scars and stretch marks, for personalized skin beautification. Through the adjustment of the length of the microcrystals, it can also ensure that the radio frequency release reaches the depth of the sweat glands, thereby destroying the redundant apocrine glands (apocrine glands) and eccrine glands – solving troubles such as underarm odor. The penetration of the microcrystals opens the fast absorption channel of the skin, which can directly introduce the repair liquid, anti-oxidant and other medicines into the deep layer of the skin, which can further exert its vitality.

4D Hifu Face Lift Machine Diy

1. Disinfect and wipe probe.
2. Apply gel to target area.
3. Choose treatment probe(start with 1.5mm probe and then 3.0mm, 4.5mm probes).
4. Adjust energy(start with the lowest level and adjust to a proper one).
5. keep the operation probe flat against the skin.
6. Repeated operation at the problem skin area(2-3 times).

4D Hifu Face Lift Machine Directions

1. A variety of treatment heads, according to different skin depths, choose different probes, which can be used on various parts, such as the face, neck, chest, arms (butterfly sleeves), buttocks, legs, abdomen, etc.
2. Two 4D modes: fast mode or slow mode can be switched;
3. It can be adjusted arbitrarily to print 1 to 12 lines, 12 lines have 300 points, and the maximum energy area width is 11mm. By adjusting the corresponding parameters according to the size of the skin area, the operation time is greatly shortened, the energy points acting on the skin are more uniform, and the curative effect is better.
4. Focused ultrasound has certain selectivity, and can focus energy on specific areas, such as: fat layer, fascia layer, dermis layer, and epidermis layer; precise operation does not damage surrounding tissues, and the energy skips the epidermis during treatment, leaving no trauma on the surface , high safety performance; guarantee customers painless and comfortable.
5. The thermal effect on dermal collagen and collagen fibers can also stimulate the fat layer and fascia layer (SMAS), and the therapeutic effect is far better than that of Thermage.
6. No injection, no surgery, safe and non-invasive, can be done as you go, without affecting normal life and work.
7. Immediately after 4D treatment, the effect of tightening and shaping can be seen. One treatment can last at least 18—24 months, and the negative growth of skin age can be realized once a year.
8. The four major technologies of gold radio frequency = insulating microcrystalline + high temperature radio frequency + vacuum adsorption + transdermal drug delivery.
9. Four kinds of insulating crystal heads: 10p, 25p, 64p, nanometer.
10. In manual mode and automatic mode, there is a negative pressure sensing device to suck and tighten the skin and automatically eject the needle, which is highly safe.
11. According to the skin thickness of each treatment site, different treatment depths can be adjusted within the range of 0.5-2.0-3.5mm, which can more accurately and effectively treat tissues targeted at different depths.
12. Safer, more durable and faster.
13. The perfect arrangement spacing of the crystal heads makes the energy emitted by the radio frequency more consistent and balanced, and will not be interfered or generate energy overlap due to the too close distance between the crystal heads.
14. The crystal body is 0.22mm, and the crystal tip is 0.1mm thinner; the crystal body is a specially treated insulating material, and the crystal body has no energy with an insulator, and only the crystal tip 0.3-0.5mm releases energy, so that energy can be concentrated in the subcutaneous target tissue , Avoid burning skin pigmentation, basically painless, no bleeding.
15. There will be no adverse reactions such as scabbing and color sinking after the operation, and the effect is perfect.

4D Multi Row Is Suitable For

1. People with wrinkled skin: smooth wrinkles, reduce forehead lines, nasolabial folds, and mouth lines, dilute neck lines, and prevent neck aging.
2. People with aging, sagging and sagging faces: lift sagging tissues and tighten skin, restore skin elasticity and reshape youthful contour lines.
3. People with loose jaws, hypertrophic masseter muscles, and double chins: lift and tighten loose parts, remove excess fat, thin masseter muscles, thin double chins, smooth lines, and reshape a three-dimensional firm V-face.
4. People with fat on the abdomen and arms, loose breasts and buttocks, loose abdomen after childbirth and after weight loss, and people who are out of shape: dissolve fat while repairing skin elasticity, eliminate excess fat, lift and tighten the skin, shape the body, and reproduce perfection curve.

Gold RF Is Suitable For

1. Wrinkle removal: fine lines, crow’s feet, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, neck lines, etc.;
2. Facial rejuvenation and beautification, skin regeneration, improvement of skin quality, and firmness;
3. Postpartum repair: (abdomen) stretch marks, (buttocks, legs) swelling marks;
4. Skin rejuvenation: Improve enlarged pores and dull skin, making the skin rosy and rosy;
5. Scar removal: acne pits and acne marks, acne depression scars, burn scars;
6. Treatment of acne: especially effective in the treatment of active acne;
7. Deodorization: treat underarm odor and armpit hyperhidrosis;
8. Regular skin maintenance.

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