Massager Breast Vacuum Butt Lifting Machine

Breast Massager
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Breast Enlarge Machine
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70 W

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1. By principle of vacuum adsorption to perform a physical acupuncture and dredging and to promote micro-circulation.

2. Create a healthy breast curve, keep your chest straight and elastic.

3. It stimulates the balance of the breasts, the motion of , increasing the content of the breasts, in order to improve admirably the improvement and expansion of women.

4. The cup’s silicone mouth design fits closely into the chest for convenient contact, and you can choose between large and medium cups to accommodate your size.

5. Appropriate for all types of skin, improve the breast of dysplasia, flat breast, slack breast caused by breast-feeding, deformed breast etc.

6. Comes with a remote control for a more convenient operation. 60 W potent suction, obvious effect. Two modes to choose: absorb and desorb and absorb continuous.

—-Vacuum adsorption principle, using physical negative pressure, using suction, sliding, rhythm, lifting and other methods, exercise breast muscles, soften fat, eliminate cellulite, lymphatic drainage, and relax the muscle.
—-Using the vacuum adsorption principle, you can quickly change the size and shape of your chest and hips without any pain or health threats. You don’t need to inject silicone or wear a filled bra, using the principle of physiologically beautiful breasts and beautiful buttocks

1. Accelerate lymph and blood flow, excrete deep toxins from the breast, and nourish breast cells to prevent breast disease.
2. Accelerate the blood circulation of the breast, clear the breast, blood vessels, meridians, improve various breast diseases or postpartum relaxation and atrophy.
3. Stimulate hormone secretion and stimulate breast development again.
4. Guide the body’s free fat to the chest or hips, so that the breasts are full and round or the buttocks are lifted.
5. Exercise massage the breasts or buttocks, calcine the chest or buttocks muscles and ligaments, restore the firmness and elasticity of the breasts or buttocks, and improve the relaxation and expansion.
6. Promote cardiopulmonary function, accelerate systemic blood circulation, excrete body pollution, improve the body’s righteousness, enhance physical fitness, and improve women’s hands and feet cold, chills and cold.
7. Qi and activating blood, balance physiological energy, make skin and hair more healthy and shiny.
8. Drive the uterus to do systolic and diastolic exercise, which can slow down and treat dysmenorrhea.
9. Scraping treatment and gas cupping treatment (glass cup)
1). Select the appropriate cup and connect the cup to the aspirator with a hose.
2). Turn on the switch, press the button’s working mode (manual/automatic) and working time (suck/release/time), and the intensity starts from the lowest. 3, adjust the knob, the suction strength should be from “weak” to “strong”, so that customers feel comfortable.

About the light

—-The red/orange light is designed to give the optimum contrast and enables you to see the maximum detail. all of the light from breastangel is visible and you can use breastangel as often as you like with no harmful side effects.
—-When the light hits a blood vessel in your breast it is absorbed by the haemoglobin in the red blood cells. this makes the veins in your breast appear as dark lines.

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