Radio Frequency Skin Lifting Acne Scar Treatment Fractional Microneedling Rf Machine

2In1 Rf Microneedling& Cold Hammer Equipped With Gold Rf Microneedle, Acne Removal Needle To Satisfy Different Treamtment:Crow’s feet, Head lines, Normal lines, Neck lines
Facial Rejuvenation Firming & Lifting,Stretch marks Swelling lines,Enlarged pores Dull skin texture,Red Blood,Skin Whitening,Acne scars Depressed scars,Regular skin maintenance

Fractional RF Microneedling Machine

RF Microneedling Overview

Gold RF microcrystal is a combination of microcrystal and RF, the word “gold” comes from the microcrystal crystal coated with gold film, the outer layer of microcrystal coating is also golden yellow. During the clinical operation, the beautician adjusts the

depth of microcrystal penetration and RF energy according to the crystal to the problem and the operation area, then under the control of electronic system, dozens of insulated microcrystals penetrate the epidermis rapidly at the same time, emitting RF

energy from the microcrystal tip, then withdrawing rapidly, and so on and so forth until the operation is completed, and finally applying the beauty ingredients.

How it is works?

1 The mechanical stimulation of microcrystals, together with the biological effect and

thermal stimulation generated by RF, together stimulate the skin’s self-healing system,

promote metabolism, improve microcirculation and initiate the renewal and

rearrangement of collagen, etc..

2 The penetration of microcrystals, which opens up quick absorption channels in the

skin and facilitates the entry of cosmetic ingredients into the skin.

3 The radiofrequency energy emitted by the microcrystal tip can selectively destroy

the hair follicle sebaceous glands and sweat glands, inhibit the inflammatory response

and activate its own anti-inflammatory repair system

Rf Skin Tightening Machine

microneedle rf machinemicroneedle fractional rf radio frequency machineRf Fractional Microneedling MachineRf Fractional Microneedling For Body Machine

Instrument list

Mainframe: 1 unit

Gold RF microneedle handle: 1 handle

64P probe: 1pc

25P probe: 1pc

10P probe: 1pc

Nano microcrystal probe: 1pc

Ice hammer handle: 1

Handle hanger: 2pc

Power cord: 1pc


RF Microneedling Machine Applicable scope

Wrinkles: Crow’s feet, Head lines, Normal lines, Neck lines
Facial Rejuvenation Firming & Lifting
Stretch marks Swelling lines
Enlarged pores Dull skin texture
Red Blood
Skin Whitening
Acne scars Depressed scars
Regular skin maintenance

rf microneedling machine

Why gold microcrystals are so highly regarded.

Reason 1:

The new treatment program doubles the effect of RF skin tightening technology and

microcrystalline peeling technology, breaking through the traditional treatment unity,

15the dermis directly emits RF energy, while the depth of microcrystalline piercing and RF

energy size can be adjusted according to different degrees of adaptation, doubling the

effect of treatment.

Reason 2:

No scabbing, no discoloration, and perfect results.

Reason 3:

The effect of the treatment is remarkable. The effect is maintained for 3-6 years with

precise action to target tissues at different depths, intelligent real-time impedance

monitoring, crystal on wrinkles, laxity, acne, scars and other different symptoms,

personalized settings, so that the skin is quickly repaired to a young and healthy state,

the longer the effect, a treatment can be maintained for 3-6 years.

facial machine rf microneedling machineStretch Mark Removal Effective


Rf Fractional Micro Needle With Cooling Handle Microneedling For Body Machine

Max. power
20W +/-20%
RF Frequency
Maximum RF Output Power
0 ~ 100 Level (10 Step)
0.2 / 0.5 / 1 / 2sec / Single
Needle Thickness
Needle Figure
10 ,25,64 electrode needle
Treatment Area
Adjustable Depth
0.5-3.5 (0.1step )
Treatment Duration
Electrical Power
220VA under


HQ Beautslim Machine

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