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face skin analysis machine

* Technology:
1.Bring own tablet, no need to connect to a computer, convenient and fast
2.HD imaging, intelligent detection, automatic analysis
3.The touch screen can be rotated 180 degrees for easy viewing of test data
4.20 megapixel HD camera
5.3L autofocus technology, clear shooting, customized solutions with truth; 48 times HD shadowless light, detecting 8 big facial skin problems, any matching solution.
1. Can be seen through to the basal layer of the skin
2. Show the extent of deep UV damage in the skin
3. Provide professional analysis data on skin problems such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, pores and pigmentation.
4. Accurately show the progress of improvement in different areas where improvement is needed
5. Can be comprehensively compared with other people of the same age and skin type
6. Provide detailed analysis report on individual differences of patients
7. Automatically generate detailed treatment plans


lens imported from Japan which has 30 million HD pixels to obtain facial skin image , 8 Imaging Spectrometry, AI face Recognition technology, data analysis and detection,3D skin simulation technology, cloud computing cloud storage, Quantitative analysis of surface and deep pathological features of the skin, detecting 16 kind of skin health indicators


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